Nature of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence lets us express ourselves effectively. We all have emotions, and have Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is a measure of smartness- not just IQ but also our emotional status. When we improve our Emotional Intelligence, we become more aware of what is going on around us, and our own feelings and thoughts. Emotional Intelligence lets us express ourselves effectively.

We can boost your Emotional Intelligence by noticing our range of emotions available to us, and others. It is vital to control those emotions so that we act in a way that it true to ourselves. We need to control our emotions so that they do not control us.

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Intelligent use of your Emotions

Emotional Intelligence is having a greater awareness of our Emotions and more control over them; this then applies to our thoughts as they will follow feelings. Recruiters look for people with good emotional intelligence skills as they have more control over their feelings and thoughts and it improves their ability to communicate and work well in teams.

What difference will that make?

We don’t need all aspects of Emotional Intelligence , but we do need a range, and if we do not practice them they will wither. Indeed, as Dr Polya writes in “Become Better” writes we need to practice our E.Q. skills- just as we strengthen our muscles  by working out so that we are mentally fit and can act accordingly. This can maximize our effectiveness  to meet our goals, and improve our communication as we gain greater control over our emotions.  Moreover, improving our E.Q. skills boosts agility and adaptability to the challenges of the future.

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Cope better with new stressors

Clearly, finding a relief from stress and some relaxation can be a top priority, and we can do so by finding a healthy mode to cope. One useful tip is to tackle one small problem first, as this lightens our burden of trying to do it all at once.

Another helpful tip is to make a list of what we can do easily- such listening well or being persuasive-, and think laterally to put them to use elsewhere. We can  re-invent ourselves to take on a slightly different job or task. In dealing with stress, it is good to remember that by using our E.Q. skills we can re-frame our self-presentation and expectations, and emphasize our positive focus.

Who is Emotionally Intelligent?

Emotional Intelligence lets us express ourselves effectively. Consequently, having emotions is quite normal. Yet, it is not always advisable to show these feelings. We can be emotionally strong without appearing to be weak.

An emotionally intelligent person can control their emotions and express them effectively. Indeed, boosting our Emotional Intelligence is available to us all and a great way to get the life we want. It is a workout for your mind!


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