Dr. Ann Polya is a published author and trained psychotherapist and consultant, executive coach, public speaker and former professor.

Dr Ann PolyaBorn in Europe, she was fascinated by Europe’s interest to prevent another world war by bonding its economies together to form the European Union (EU) and became a senior official in the EU, where she was involved in creating policy and contributing to its enactment into European Law.

She switched working for a US major corporation as a strategic policy consultant. Then she opted to make a further switch into more people-oriented work by becoming a psychotherapist, executive coach, professor and subsequently an author.

Her expertise is in Behavioral dynamics that she uses to help people attain the lives and develop their interpersonal skills to counter obstacles and be all they can be. To that end she has published four non-fiction books: – 

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She a Doctorate in Behavioral Sciences, and Master of Science in International Politics and a Master of Science in Social Work, and a BA in Business Administration.

Dr Polya has lived and worked in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Japan and now in the USA, where she lives in Florida. She enjoys sports, biking, swimming and has several Papillon dogs.



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