Emotional Success

-the power to win and overcome obstacles for a meaningful life

Emotional Success

The author, Dr Ann Polya is a member of APA, certified Emotional Intelligence consultant, qualified Psychotherapist, Executive Coach and former corporate Executive. She has  won GOLD MEDAL WINNER FOR BEST BOOK IN PERSONAL GROWTH AND RELATIONSHIP BY IPA.

Emotional Success

Indeed Dr Polya is the author of three other books that circle around Emotional Success This she consider is our birthright, and we can radiate joy and know success. Her goal is to support  people attain their wishes and dreams and thereby  lead meaningful lives. We all can.

Invincible Summer

In this award winning book Dr Ann Polya demonstrates how we tap into our power to overcome obstacles and be a presence that impacts others positively while also attaining what we want.

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Just like Celebrities, the trick to be able to boost our Power is to re-focus and devote our energies to the new center of our attention. This helps us amplify our internal Power, and thereby helps us push back in the face of difficulties to get what we want, take charge and act efficiently.

This book shows how we can overcome obstacles and create a new reality. Plus, when we use our inner powers, we can think more clearly, and take back control of our emotions and reactions.

Moreover, our communication becomes more effective; as too does our awareness of what is important to us and the respect we earn. For more http://thepolyagroup.wordpress.com; Brief synopsis in:- http://annpolya.com/2019/04/01/podcast-3-invincible-summer/.                  This is the path to win and communicate well.

Available from:-      Balboa Press       Amazon 

“MIND OVER MATTER: the Power of Emotional Intelligence”

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Dr. Ann Polya also is a qualified Emotional Intelligence consultant, and reveals how we can re-tweak our innate Emotional Intelligence to greater effect in this book, which is a guide to boost Power to revitalize and expand how we react emotionally.When we focus on what we want we can do anything. We have many emotions and we need to select and fortify those that are key to who we really are. At core,we start with emotional intelligence then we learn to appreciate ourselves and others; this helps communication and relationships.

For more see Podcast–http://media.blubrry.com/drannpolya/content.blubrry.com/drannpolya/Call_the_Doc_2_Mind_over_Matter.mp3

Available from: Xlibris  , Amazon               

  “BRAIN FITNESS: Breakthrough training for those who Mind”.

Dr Polya’s first book blends advances in Cognitive Sciences with new trends in Neurosciences and demonstrates how we can continue to grow our Brains by simple methods. 

Surely, though we all go into decline after reaching adulthood. The answer is a loud NO. We can choose to keep our minds sharp by continues growth of new Brain cells.

By applying these techniques we are able to trigger an internal chemical reactions in our brain that sets further chemical reactions resulting in increased brain cell growth; this keeps our Brains fit and our minds sharp and can ward off aspects of aging.

The methods are quite simple and just like exercise or using our bodies to keep fit we can do the same by “exercising” and “using” our brains to keep them fit so that we can continue to improve to our thinking, decision-making and memory. They are available to us all as are the huge benefits.

American Psychological Association

Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner

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