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Claim Your Power

The aim of Polya Consulting is to enable us to Claim our Power and achieve what we want in our lives.

We all have innate powers that we can develop selectively so that we reinforce areas that enable us to achieve and improve our interpersonal interpersonal skills, our communication abilities, our relationships and our leadership skills.

A key way to do this is by reinforcing our innate Emotion intelligence skills –where required– which can be done by practicing and using these skills so that they become more “toned”. This allows us to strengthen all our leadership skills for better communication, corroboration and relationships.

Polya Consulting was founded by Dr Ann Polya, who comes with a wide background and experience in various industries and government and different cultures.

Dr Ann Polya

Ann has held a diverse range of senior positions in government and as senior corporate executive, and then switched to work more closely with individuals as psychotherapist, consultant, executive coach, and professor. she wants to help us all Claim our Power.

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Although, we all have innate skills, the more we practice them correctly the more they improve; resulting in better relationships, and balance between thinking logically and emotionally.  Like having a personal trainer at the gym an executive or personal coach can help us advance dramatically. This enables:-

  • better leadership, communication, teamwork and relationships;
  • balance between rational and emotional reactions Emotional Intelligence :
  • Take care of yourself with this work.

Resources offered by Dr Ann Polya:-

  1. One on One coaching or consultation-in person or remote-or CONTACT US

  2. Ann Polya’s Books


    • they help our personal growth and quest to claim our power.

    • Available at Amazon, or Xlibris or Balboa Press.

  3. Video- Become Better, and Podcasts


Success from within

Become Better

Indeed Dr Ann’s latest Book is “BECOME BETTER- by applying Emotional Intelligence”  provides a road map for all of us who want to develop our skills and be in charge of our lives. This book shows how we can become more aware of our thoughts and feelings and be able to control them- factors that improve our communication effectiveness and quality of our relationships.

“Become Better” –illustrates how we can apply our Emotional Intelligence to control feelings and actions.