Emotional Fitness for Success

Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness means that we are aware of our feelings and what we think, and together, these elements determine our actions and reactions; it depends on our Emotional Intelligence, which is now recognized as more indicative of success in recruiting circles. Everyone has some Emotional intelligence, but more is better. It is like a muscle- if we don’t use it- then it will wither and atrophy. Hence, we can gain strong emotional intelligence by its constant use. This creates a positive circle as it enable us to be more effective, a good player, and valuable friend. Indeed, strong Emotional Intelligence is vital for success. 

Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

Looking forward, Dr Polya’s next endeavor, will focus on the interplay of artificial Intelligence and human behavior- especially our emotional intelligence.

AI and Emotional Intelligence and Fitness .

Dr Ann’s latest Book is “BECOME BETTER- by applying Emotional Intelligence”.

“BECOME BETTER- by applying Emotional Intelligence”.

Become Better

Dr Ann Polya demonstrates how Emotional Intelligence enables us to control our feelings and thoughts, and thereby, influence our actions and direct our lives to “Become Better”.

“Become Better” –shows us simply how we can do this by using our Emotional Intelligence to control feelings and actions.

The key is to use our Emotional Intelligence strategically, which enables us to recognize and control our feelings and thoughts so that our actions are effective and improve our communication and ways we connect with others. 

Ann began the book when the Covid pandemic turned our lives askew; with countless restrictions and risks. As a result, she realized that we must use our Emotional Intelligence frequently to avoid losing focus on what we want, and lead our lives strategically by putting our Emotional Intelligence into action. This allows us to control our emotions and thoughts, and thereby, direct our lives successfully to attain what we want.

Dr Polya illustrates how using our Emotional Intelligence is like using a muscle, and thus practice will strengthen this skill.

Strategic use of Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)

Strong Emotional intelligence leads to better decision-making, improved listening, clearer communication, and boosts our other interpersonal skills. It also, enables us to cope better with uncertainty as we start with greater knowledge of ourselves. Furthermore, the strategic use of our Emotional Intelligence skills gives us a competitive edge over others –as well as over robots- since we get better at reconciling feelings with our thinking ,or rational processing. Dr. Polya believes it is now “…more important than ever to apply Emotional Intelligence to cope well with changing circumstances”. 

Video- Become Better.

Success from within

“Become Better” not only gives us the tools to be more aware of our feelings, but also be able to  control them. This,  then allows us to focus on what we want to achieve. Using our Emotional Intelligence, we relate better as our communication is understood, and we can direct others more successfully. “Become Better” draws on Dr. Polya’s  research and experience, and provides a road map for all of us who want to develop our skills, and be in charge of our lives.

Ann Polya’s –Portfolio of Books

My other books look at different aspects of how we can control our environment so that we are not pushed around by others in our ever-changing world; these books help us cope with the new realities. So, what seemed impossible will become achievable. Indeed, strong Emotional Intelligence vital for our success.




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