It means we can power through our issues -and get what we want. It allows us to focus and use our Mind Over Matter, and thereby, use our own Emotional Intelligence selectively so that we take back control of our key emotions, thoughts, and direct our actions purposively.

Mind over Matter
 Mind Over Matter
  • Matter is anything that can be touched; it has mass and takes up space. Yet, we have the power to influence “matter” by using our emotional intelligence. This way we can control our feelings and thoughts, and balance our rational minds. Success from within. Hence,  our power is amplified when we use our Emotional Intelligence wisely. 

As we explore Emotional Intelligence, it is clear that many emotions stem from events from our early childhood. In fact, we never forget any emotion felt throughout your lives.

Link between Thoughts and Feelings

Our thoughts are generally linked with our emotions, and, indeed, frequently are generated by our feelings. Since we hold on to all emotions in our life, they can often become outdated- hence for good “Mind over Matter” we need to weed out the irrelevant and worthless thoughts so that we can access more appropriate ones.

Patterns of Behavior

When we are stressed we are more apt to revert to old patterns. These rarely work. Instead we need to know how we are feeling and reach for a balance. This is the core of Emotional Intelligence, and we can build up emotional patterns that will serve us well as you confront issues.

Research shows that 80% of the choices Americans make are based on emotions, and the rational thinking approach only represents about 20% of decision-making; hence it is Emotions rather than Rational Thinking drives action–especially when under stress. Fortunately, we can change these emotions and take charge.

With Mind over Matter we can avoid negativity, lack of self-control , being over anxious and complaining. We can focus on what is important and see the trees for the woods. Then we act in ways that define us-even if nobody is looking!

The issue of Emotional Intelligence is key to our way of acting and reacting, and Dr. Polya’s latest book “Become Better”, takes the next step which explains how we can better cope with the upheavals of unknowns,  and how to handle our lives.

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