Our POWER to Win

Overcome Obstacles for a meaningful life


Power to Win and for an “Invincible Summer”.

Dr Ann Polya shows how to positively  impact our lives in her  award winning book-“INVINCIBLE SUMMER: aligning our powers”.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 737160_Flyer-image.bmpThis is a Gold Medal book for best Mind Body Spirit Book (awarded by IPA), and it demonstrates how we can use our Power to Win.

First to boost our Power to Win, we must reinvent our focus and successfully devote our energies. It is by using these techniques that we amplify our Power to Win , and consequently in the face of difficulties we are empowered to push back, take charge and act efficiently.

Thus, we can overcome obstacles and create a new subjective reality since all humans can create these realities based on their beliefs and  those whose views we respect. 

It is by the use our inner powers, that we are able to think more clearly, and be able to  better control of our emotions and reactions. Subsequently, we can reinvent ourselves, and overcome any obstacle by pushing back–just like Celebrities do. With this clarity our communication is more effective and we are aware of what is important to us and get the respect we are due.

We all share things that we value and prefer, and while the list is different for parents and children, there are basic values we all respect. This is how we can improve our communication and relationships.

We all possess inner strengths, and we can boost mental swiftness by speeding up brains in order to think faster, remember more and make decisions more easily

This is the path to win and communicate well with all. 

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Also by Dr Ann Polya

“MIND OVER MATTER: the Power of Emotional Intelligence”

Gold medal winner for best book in Personal Growth and Relationship by IPA.

Guide to boost Power to revitalize and expand how we react emotionally.When we focus on what we want we can do anything. We have many emotions and we need to select and fortify those that are key to who we really are. At core,we start with emotional intelligence then we learn to appreciate ourselves and others; this helps communication and relationships.

Available from: Xlibris  , Amazon                           
  “BRAIN FITNESS: Breakthrough training for those who Mind”.


Outlined in my book are the Action plans that outline the techniques to improve our Brain Fitness by growing new brain cells (neurons); these are  easy to implements if motivated. They are available to us all and the benefits mean faster thinking, better memory and fighting off aging.

By applying these techniques we are able to trigger an internal chemical reactions in our brain that sets further chemical reactions resulting in increased brain cell growth; this keeps our Brains fit and our minds sharp and can ward off aspects of aging.

Do my visit Podcast #1 Brain Fitness

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