Power to Win

Overcome Obstacles and have meaningful life


We can re-invent ourselves and be successful by devoting quality time to our  favorite things; this gives us the power to win.

Dr Polya has chosen to explore areas that impact our lives; as in her latest award winning book-“INVINCIBLE SUMMER: aligning our powers”. This book received the International Publisher Award for best Mind Body Spirit Book.

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When faced with difficulties and things we dislike in others and our situation, we have the power to revitalize and take charge; this means we push back and act efficiently and thereby overcome obstacles and create our new reality.

To do this we need to discover what is important to us and  focus on it; this will improve our speed and acceptability with groups and give us the respect we deserve.

This is the path to win and communicate well with all.

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“MIND OVER MATTER: the Power of Emotional Intelligence”

This Book won the International Publishers award for best book in both Personal Growth and Relationship categories.

Power to revitalize by expanding our Emotional Palette

When we focus on what we want we can do anything. Our Minds guide us over Matter.  We do not need all our emotions, but we do need to recognize what we have and master our core feelings to feel empowered.

It starts with emotional self-knowledge. As we can better know ourselves, we better appreciate others. This enables us to control our emotions.

As a net result we have more inner balance and empathy and this allows us to improve our communication and relationships.   

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  “BRAIN FITNESS: breakthrough training for those who Mind”.

Power to revitalize our Brains- we can choose to keep them young

Thanks to science, we knowBreakthrough Training for Those Who Mind that our brains are not hardwired and continue to grow throughout our lives – if we so choose.

We are all capable of creating new brain neurons. So as we age we can get wiser if we choose to do so. 

We can make a choice and opt for a “fit” brain when we take charge of our options.

The consequence of this new brain cell growth and expansion are huge. They include a faster mind as the brain connections are upgraded, an ability to make better decisions, be smarter, remember more easily and be more empathetic. This radically improves the quality of our lives. 


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