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Power to Win

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Mind over Matter and Emotional Intelligence

“Mind Over Matter

-the Power of Emotional Intelligence”.

With Emotional Control we take charge and can be successful. Instead of the tail wagging the dog, we use our Mind over Matter powers and our internal Emotional Intelligence. We can avoid a knee jerk reactions if our “buttons” or weak spots are pushed, and we can control that reaction. This  reaction is based on one or more of our emotions, and act differently. This allows us to reMind Over Matter Bookgain mastery over our emotions.

By keeping focused and sure we use Mind Over Matter. Then we act in ways that define us-even if nobody is looking!

 This is the core of Emotional Intelligence and we can build up emotional patterns that will serve us well as we confront issues. This is the road to success.

This is outlined in my book –“Mind Over Matter”.

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What is the Meaning of Emotional Intelligence?

 Key factors:-

  • self-awareness and knowing self
  • control of feelings and actions,
  • recognizing feelings and actions of others
  • have empathy
  • motivate others.

We all have emotions , and have a level of Emotional Intelligence, but we can improve that level by expanding our palette of emotions and realizing the impact we have on ourselves and others.

This chart shows the core elements of Emotional Intelligence:

There is no need to excel in all aspects of Emotional Intelligence but we can learn to use what we have and boost areas of less strength. This leads to more effective communication, and better relationships.

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