Our POWER to Win

Overcome Obstacles for a meaningful life

Invincible Summer

Take back Control and use our Self-Power

We can all take back our Self-Power. It means pushing back when someone presses our buttons and expressing ourselves clearly so that we are heard –not as pleaders nor aggressors but as participators.

When something goes wrong there are two possible reactions- a) buckle under, or b) push back and state your need. There are times when it is wiser to buckle under but this depends on the relationship and and when important we can create a pattern of being able to stand up for what is important to us without creating alienation. Something is important when we value it highly.

Respecting our values allows us to:-

  • boost awareness
  • speed up our reactions
  • focus on the essential
  • which facilitates clarity in getting our message across.

It shows that we are not “pushovers”. This is good for our Self-esteem and Self-Power and dramatically changes (for the better) how we relate with others.

Using the techniques outlined in “Invincible Summer” we can reinvent our lives as this is what Celebrities do!

This allows us to act decisively and know what and who we value, which will result in getting the respect we deserve.

Take Charge

We all have inner powers and by aligning them we can push back and attain our “INVINCIBLE SUMMER”.

In the words of the philosopher, Albert Camus:-

  “… no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s   something stronger –  pushing right back.”

Winner of IPA gold medal.

 from:- Amazon Balboa Press

 [Hardcover | ISBN 9781504354318; Softcover | ISBN 9781504354295; E-Book | ISBN 9781504354301]

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