Emotional Success

-the power to win and overcome obstacles for a meaningful life

Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is having a greater control over our Emotions and Thoughts; plus being more self-awareness with a better knowledge of ourselves.

Why is it important?

This is important as we can act more consistently and therefore more effectively, and this allows us to achieve our goals.

What does it look like

The key trick to be considered Emotionally Intelligent is :-

  • By being self-aware with a keen knowledge of your preferences and strengths;
  • Having the ability to take control of your feelings and actions;
  • Being able to recognize the feelings and actions of others;
  • Having empathy or sympathetic joy for the actions of others;
  • Being able to motivate others.


We all have emotions , and have a level of Emotional Intelligence, but we can improve that level by expanding our palette of emotions and recognizing our preferences and choices, and also realizing the impact we have on ourselves and others. This allows us to gain greater control over our Mind over Matter.

Chart with Basic Elements of Emotional Intelligence

This chart shows the core elements of Emotional Intelligence:

These are the core elements. As we all have different goals and aspirations we do not need them all. But, depending on what we want o do we may need to boost some of them and ensure we have a have a balance to use our strengths and compensate for our weaknesses.

This leads to more effective communication, and better relationships and happy success.

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