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BRAIN FITNESS – Book excerpt


Excerpt from book on “BRAIN FITNESS: 

“As the twenty first century moves into its second decade, 

1-poly22e search for mechanical perfection that prevailed until recently is beginning to fade in favor of the new paradigm of functionality.

…The new approach is an acceptance that things do not have to be perfect, and the new aim is to make things work, establish how and in what way, and accept the need to adapt to circumstances
rather than insist on infallibility.

…In terms of Brain Fitness, this pragmatic approach no longer relies on fix-the-weakness, but gives us strategies to build on what we can do in order to achieve our goals and choose how we want to operate.

…New research shows that our brains are not “hardwired”
in childhood, but the adult brain can grow and change its structure and function throughout our lives”.



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ISBN:-Paperback 978-1-4415-1970-2; Hardcover 978-1-4415-1971-9; Kindle 978-1-4500-4549-0







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