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Brain Fitness-Action Plan

Brain Fitness Action Plan

“Brain Fitness: Breakthrough Training for Those Who Mind”

Outlined in my book are the Action plans that outline the techniques to improve our Brain Fitness by growing new brain cells (neurons); these are  easy to implements if motivated. They are available to us all and the benefits mean faster thinking, better memory and fighting off aging.

By applying these techniques we are able to trigger an internal chemical reactions in our brain that sets further chemical reactions resulting in increased brain cell growth; this keeps our Brains fit and our minds sharp and can ward off aspects of aging.

Brain Fitness -Action Plan

Focus is a key element and we must concentrate on what we are doing. These simple tasks allow our  Brains to grow new cells as they trigger a chemical reaction that leads to Brain Fitness.

It is simple and available to us at any age, and this book guides us to positively expand our brain cells for brain growth. The path to having a “Fit” Brain.

  • Physical Exercise
    • At least 30 minutes for five timers a week;
    • Must be challenging, new and focused;
  • Mental exercise
    • by doing crossword puzzle, Sudoku,
    • painting,
    • traveling
    • learning language/skill.
  • Social Interactions
    • can be online by providing personal input
    • in social gatherings
    • remembering names and contexts.

Our mantra is USE IT OR LOSE IT.

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