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-the power to win and overcome obstacles for a meaningful life

“Invincible Summer” wins IPA gold medal

Invincible Summer

“Invincible Summer” received the Gold Medal by International Publisher’s Award .Best book in Mind, Body and Spirit category.

 “Invincible Summer” wins a gold Medal

This gold medal winning book, by Dr Ann Polya, shows us how to push back and  overcome difficulties or obstacles. This means we act faster, have a greater sense of belonging and get our reward by proper recognition.

All this is excellent for better communication with all generations- including parents and children.

With these techniques we take back control emotions and thoughts, and we can dismiss clutter, which dramatically improves communication. Invincible Summer is the path to win and communicate well.


About the Author

Ann J. Polya, Ph.D., is an accredited psychotherapist, executive coach, author and public speaker. She has worked in the private and nonprofit sectors, has widely traveled and currently lives in Florida.“Invincible Summer” is Dr Polya’s third book. For more see-http://annpolya.com


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 [Hardcover | ISBN 9781504354318; Softcover | ISBN 9781504354295; E-Book | ISBN 9781504354301]

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Podcast – call the Doc # 2 Mind over Matter

Matter is a compressed form of Energy- as Einstein reminds us-; so Mind over Matter is the use of willpower to overcome physical problems. This can be accomplished using another power– our own Emotional Intelligence.

Our own power source

Mind over Matter

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