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Brain Fitness-for faster minds; an excerpt and workouts

Excerpt from

“BRAIN FITNESS: Breakthrough Training for those who Mind”Breakthrough Training for Those Who Mind

“As the twenty first century moves into its second decade, the search for mechanical perfection that prevailed until recently is beginning to fade in favor of the new paradigm of functionality.

…The new approach is an acceptance that things do not have to be perfect, and the new aim is to make things work, establish how and in what way, and accept the need to adapt to circumstances
rather than insist on infallibility.1-poly22

…In terms of Brain Fitness, this pragmatic approach no longer relies on fix-the-weakness, but gives us strategies to build on what we can do in order to achieve our goals and choose how we want to operate.

…New research shows that our brains are not “hardwired”
in childhood, but the adult brain can grow and change its structure and function throughout our lives”.

“Brain Fitness: Breakthrough Training for Those Who Mind”

Fast Thinking Minds

We can all achieve faster minds that think quickly – and this does not require purchasing any extra gizmo.

It depends on internal chemical reactions that we knowingly can trigger to set off a reaction that results in additional brain cell growth that we can use for our benefit.

Keeping our brains fit and our minds sharp is simple and something we can all do, and the payback is huge. Here is a simplified action plan to trigger brain cell growth.

Action Plan

  • 30 minutes for five days in the week of Physical Exercise;
    • Keep it challenging, new and focused;
  • Boost Mental activity
    • by doing crossword puzzle, Sudoku, painting, traveling five days a week.
  • Interact Socially (online or impersonally)
    • by providing personal input to social gatherings or online.
  • Increase mastery of emotional and thinking skills
    • with Emotional Intelligence and transforming thought patterns.

Making sure that the growth is positive and continual depends on maintenance features outlined in the book.

© Dr Ann Polya 2017


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