Power to Win

Power to Win

Overcome Obstacles for a meaningful life

Path to Self-Power

Boost Self Power

There are times when people, events or what we witness on TV or Social Media, are frustrating. They seem to be pushing our buttons or making choices that seem odd-to say the least! It can be actions by family or people who want to impact our choices.

Two reactions are possible- buckle under, or push back. Sometimes neither sound good. Yet there is a way to push back that does not alienate others or ourselves.

  • let’s recognize what we cherish most, and what others do too,

  • enables awareness

  • this speeds up our reactions

  • we are able to focus on the essential

  • this facilitates clarity in getting our message across.

It shows that we are not “pushovers”. This is good for our Self-esteem and Self-Power and dramatically changes (for the better) how we relate with others.

Using the techniques outlined in “Invincible Summer” we can reinvent our lives as this is what Celebrities do!

This allows us to act decisively and know what and who we value, which will result in getting the respect we deserve.

Take Charge

We all have inner powers and by aligning them we can push back and attain our “INVINCIBLE SUMMER”.

In the words of the philosopher, Albert Camus:-

  “… no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s   something stronger –  pushing right back.” 

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 [Hardcover | ISBN 9781504354318; Softcover | ISBN 9781504354295; E-Book | ISBN 9781504354301]



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BRAIN FITNESS – we can train our Brains to be fit

Brain Fitness Book good


Join the Brain Fitness Challenge!

There are no age limits for growing our Brains; it is a choice and like our bodies we can choose to keep our minds fit. Or we can choose not to do so.

With improved Brain Fitness-We all can be winners.

Moreover Brain Fitness is easy to do

Brain Fitness is easy to do- it just requires focus and concentration. The payoff is huge. We get better memories, faster thinking, greater clarity of thoughts, less anxiety and we make better decisions. Plus it helps fight off the effects of aging.

 Everything is clearer in our lives. We have more energy, and  enjoy ourselves and being with others, and enjoy life; moreover we can keep growing our brains that fights off aging. 




Focus is a key element and we must concentrate on what we are doing. These simple tasks allow our  Brains to grow new cells as they trigger a chemical reaction that leads to Brain Fitness.

It is simple and available to us at any age, and this book guides us to positively expand our brain cells for brain growth. The path to having a “Fit” Brain.

For Action Plan


Available from:-

ISBN:-Paperback 978-1-4415-1970-2; Hardcover 978-1-4415-1971-9; Kindle 978-1-4500-4549-0




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MIND OVER MATTER- Control Emotions

“Mind Over Matter: the Power of Emotional Intelligence”.


With Emotional Control we take charge and can be successful. Instead of the tail wagging the dog, we use our Mind over Matter powers and our internal Emotional Intelligence. Instead of knee jerk reactions if our “buttons” or weak spots are pushed, we can control that reaction, which is emotional, and act differently. This allows us to reMind Over Matter Bookgain mastery over our emotions.

This is the core of Emotional Intelligence and we can build up emotional patterns that will serve us well as we confront issues.

By keeping focused and sure we use Mind Over Matter. Then we act in ways that define us-even if nobody is looking!

 This is outlined in my book –“Mind Over Matter”.

 Key to being Emotionally Intelligent is having:-

  • self-awareness and knowing self
  • control of feelings and actions,
  • recognizing feelings and actions of others
  • have empathy
  • motivate others.

Control Emotions for Success

We all have emotions, but some lead to fear, negative thoughts, stress and anger. We can use our Emotional Intelligence to boost positivity, optimism and communicate effectively and ask for what we deserve.

When we are stressed we are more apt to revert to old patterns. These rarely work. Instead we need to know how we are feeling and reach for a balance.

When we possess Mind over Matter we avoid negativity, lack of self-control , being over anxious and complaining. We can focus on what is important and see the lines from the clouds.

 “Mind Over Matter: The Power of Emotional Intelligence”:

Available from:

[ISBN: Paperback – 978-1-4771-2427-7; Hardcover- 978-1-4771-2428-4; Kindle: 978-1-4771-2429-1]


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IPA gold medal to “Invincible Summer”

Invincible Summer

“Invincible Summer” received the Gold Medal by International Publisher’s Award .Best book in Mind, Body and Spirit category.

 “Invincible Summer” wins a gold Medal

This gold medal winning book, by Dr Ann Polya, shows us how to push back and  overcome difficulties or obstacles. This means we act faster, have a greater sense of belonging and get our reward by proper recognition.

All this is excellent for better communication with all generations- including parents and children.

With these techniques we take back control emotions and thoughts, and we can dismiss clutter, which dramatically improves communication. Invincible Summer is the path to win and communicate well.


About the Author

Ann J. Polya, Ph.D., is an accredited psychotherapist, executive coach, author and public speaker. She has worked in the private and nonprofit sectors, has widely traveled and currently lives in Florida.“Invincible Summer” is Dr Polya’s third book. For more see-http://annpolya.com


For More Information on “Invincible Summer” by Ann J. Polya, Ph.D.

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 [Hardcover | ISBN 9781504354318; Softcover | ISBN 9781504354295; E-Book | ISBN 9781504354301]

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